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  • Pelasta 3 lähikauppaa ostamalla jokaisesta 50 eurolla – The 3/50 Project
  • Plastic Flashback: A visual history of the credit card
  • Visualizing Sufjan Stevens's Illinoise
  • Nieman Reports 2009: Iran – Can its stories be told? – Journalists still push against boundaries of what Iran permits to tell what is happening there. Doing so invites the tactics of intimidation, threats and interrogations and the risk of imprisonment, banishment, torture and, in some cases, death. A reporter who has been imprisoned and is writing without a byline says: “It is undecided life, with the risks taken being unpredictable, since its press law is open to interpretation. Punishment for breaking the law depends on many things, too, including who you are and what your job is.” Another reporter sent us an e-mail to explain why words intended for our pages would not be on them: “If it was a better time, I would have done it. I am under a lot of psychological pressure, and I am trying not to let it affect my work. My neighbors keep getting calls from security officials who tell them that I am involved in drug smuggling. I am assuming that they want to intimidate me with embarrassing charges before the election.”
  • Metallica Setlist Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland 2009 – on kiintoisan oloinen palvelu

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  • The 99 Most Popular Songs on Twitter Right Now – c/o
  • Wall Street Journal kertoo, miksi suosituimmat jutut -listat on dorkia – These online rankings are public, creating a positive-feedback loop. The more popular something becomes, even if just from a random burst of interest, the more likely it is to grow ever more popular. And that has troubling implications about the effects of all sorts of popularity rankings, from bestseller charts to election polls. Frequently, popularity rankings speak less to the merits of what's being observed and more to the fact that crowds are observing it. In other words, peer pressure.
  • Jesus killed Mohammed: The crusade for a Christian military (Harper's) – When Barack Obama moved into the Oval Office in January, he inherited a military not just drained by a two-front war overseas but fighting a third battle on the home front, a subtle civil war over its own soul. On one side are the majority of military personnel, professionals who regardless of their faith or lack thereof simply want to get their jobs done; on the other is a small but powerful movement of Christian soldiers concentrated in the officer corps.
  • Ian Poolin valokuvia supersankareista arkiaskareissa
  • Yhden palstan leiska on parempi kuin kolmen palstan – Although a 1-Column layout is a simpler design that requires more scrolling, and in generally took more time to review, the Eye Tracking study indicates that this is a much more effective layout for accurately accomplishing the key networking goals of scanning a list from which to select people, or, by extension, make a selection.

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