Courtesy of the Guardian. First an article titled Give six monkeys a computer, and what do you get? Certainly not the Bard. I quote: The monkeys aren’t reducible to a random process. They get bored and they shit on the keyboard rather than type. So there.

Then some armchair psychology. The name of the game is football and the name of the story is Eminem tops league of inspirational music for footballers. Now, let’s make it clear that I enjoy the would-be controversy Mr. Mathers is always trying to rouse, but when some ManU music psychologist tells us that Some players will be motivated by […] cutting lyrics that are often themed around reclaiming pride and self-confidence in the face of difficult circumstances one is tempted to add, or about killing your wife, flippin’ your momma the bird, rapin’ women who’ve passed out, or generally just bein’ an asshole.

On a second thought, that does fit the generic footballer’s profile rather well, doesn’t it?