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  • GlobalPost kokeilee hoitaa ulkomaan uutisointia netissä uudella bisnesmallilla – That ad-supported reporting is only one part of the GlobalPost business plan. If it is to succeed, it will depend in part on how many people sign up for a separate paid section of the site, which was to have been available in test mode beginning last week but is now expected to go online in the coming days. Called Passport, it offers access to GlobalPost correspondents, including exclusive reports on business topics of less interest to general audiences, conference calls and meetings with reporters, and breaking news e-mail messages from those journalists. Passport subscribers, who pay as much as $199 a year, can suggest article ideas. –– a third revenue stream has been growing, as the company has signed up a growing number of news outlets, including The Daily News and The Boise Weekly of Idaho, to carry its reports and have use of its correspondents.
  • Post-Mortem – ‘ER’ Is Remembered Fondly (NY Times) – "I said to George it was going to be the No. 1 show in television by the fifth episode. He said no way. We wound up betting on it. It was No. 1 after the fourth episode and George still owes me that $5. Maybe if he reads this he’ll pay me."
  • BBC leikkaa 2 mrd, saa 30 milj lisää nettipalveluihin – kommenttina Suomen debattiin julkisesta palvelusta: "The trust explained that work would have to be done on the BBC's online services to justify the extra cash. They criticised the search facility on bbc.co.uk and said that not enough was being done to direct users to external websites. In particular, they asked management to think carefully about whether the BBC's website content was always distinctive. "
  • Google Maps Latitude, Longitude Popup

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