• Wendell Pierce on jälleen mukana David Simonin tv-sarjassa (NY Times) – Mr. Pierce, acclaimed as Bunk Moreland on “The Wire,” was scheduled for a 12-hour day shooting the HBO pilot for “Treme,” an exploration of post-Katrina New Orleans by the “Wire” creator David Simon.
  • Musical Pharmacology (NY Times) – Here is how the treatment works. Once the doctor has established a diagnosis, the patient is sent home with a listening protocol and music loaded onto a player much like an iPod. Timing is critical.

    “Calming music heard at an ascending point in your circadian cycle wouldn’t calm you,” Ms. Brandes said. “It may even annoy you.” The technology — which includes special headsets and formatting as protection against piracy — is proprietary. A

  • Watchmensch – comes a complex and multi-layered tale of New York copyright and trademark lawyers, a conspiracy against them from an unknown powerful source and a history of how the comic industry has dealt with its creators. And just the occasional snatch of Yiddish
  • Zoomaile Ötzin muumioitunutta ruumista – myös 3d, höhö
  • The Diagram Prize – Judging a Book by its Title (NY Times) – Bookseller magazine chose "The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-Milligram Containers of Fromage Frais" as its oddest book title of the year.
  • Netflix Is the New Relationship Battleground (NY Times) – Their siege in this new trench on the front lines of American marriage: the shared Netflix queue. (via Atso)
  • Kaupunki Wikipedian allegoriana (NY Times) – Wikipedia can no more be completed than can New York City, which O. Henry predicted would be “a great place if they ever finish it.” In fact, with its millions of visitors and hundreds of thousands of volunteers, its ever-expanding total of articles and languages spoken, Wikipedia may be the closest thing to a metropolis yet seen online.

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