• Ben Yagoda: In Defense of Common English – Such is the dilemma of the linguist, or at least the linguist who has any desire to reach anyone outside their — excuse me, his or her — discipline. A sizable group of people is partial to attending discussions and reading books about language. But what this group wants to hear is antithetical to what scholars of this subject want to say.
  • The Wingnut explains why conservatives fear gay marriage (Salon) – "Ask a Wingnut" is written by a real live conservative and former Bush official who chooses to remain anonymous. Each week "Glenallen Walken" will bridge the cultural divide and answer questions from liberals about why conservatives think and do what they think and do.
  • Google News Timeline – vinkeä vekotin
  • Mike Skinner Twitters His Music Away – Mike Skinner is using his Twitter account to give away music. On April 13th, Skinner wrote: “I am going to tweet 3 new songs this week. I can’t be bothered with all this trying to sell you music. It wastes valuable time.” He kept his word and posted three new songs by The Streets: “I Love My Phone,” “Trust Me,” and “David Hassles,” all of which are still available. Last Thursday, Skinner promised his followers three more tunes this week.
  • Ohjeet ylisuuren Parallels-levyn kutistamiseen, jos Disk Compact ei toimi – testaus kesken, mutta olisi parempi toimia (14 gigaa vs 4,5 gigaa)
  • Peter Singer: To defame religion is a human right – While attempts to stir up hatred against adherents of a religion, or to incite violence against them, may legitimately be suppressed, criticism of religion as such should not be.

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