• The Black List 2008 – Hollywoodin kehutuimmat kuvaamattomat käsikset
  • Kameleiden kauneuskilpailu (National Geographic) – From across the vast and parched Arabian Peninsula, camels converge on Abu Dhabi for an annual beauty contest. Here the traditional beast of burden becomes a pampered show animal.
  • WhatsOpen auttaa ulkoisten levyjen umounttaamisessa Macilla – WhatsOpen is a MacOSX utility designed to aid you in determining what is holding your files open. There is a common OSX error when trying to eject removable media relating to files being in use
  • Anna Puu -nimigeneraattori
  • David Simon sanoo, että WashPon ja NYTin pitää tehdä nettilehdistään maksulliset nyt heti – You must act. Together. On a specific date in the near future—let’s say September 1 for the sheer immediacy of it—both news organizations must inform readers that their Web sites will be free to subscribers only, and that while subscription fees can be a fraction of the price of having wood pulp flung on doorsteps, it is nonetheless a requirement for acquiring the contents of the news organizations that spend millions to properly acquire, edit, and present that work. No half-measures, either. No TimesSelect program that charges for a handful of items and offers the rest for free, no limited availability of certain teaser articles, no bartering with aggregators for a few more crumbs of revenue through microbilling or pennies-on-the-dollar fees. Either you believe that what The New York Times and The Washington Post bring to the table every day has value, or you don’t.

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