• Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019 -video – melkoista Surfacen ja kavereiden juhlaa. mutta miksi vaikkapa e-paper-sanomalehdessä juttu avautuu näyttävän mutta hitaan animaation saattelemana? (via twitter.com/s_constantine)
  • The Stanford Daily – Web site’s online Facebook raises concerns (September 22, 1999)
  • Paul Grahamin 13 ohjetta startupeille – sopinevat yrittäjille yleensä
  • James Surowiecki selittää, miksi palkat eivät laske vaikeinakaan aikoina (New Yorker) – Oil and wheat prices may rise and fall instantaneously to reflect supply and demand, but wages are “sticky”: even when the economy goes bad, it takes a lot to make them fall. — In a 1997 study of almost two hundred employers, the economists Carl Campbell and Kunal Kamlani found that the threat of losing their best employees was a major reason that bosses didn’t cut wages.
    Even more important is the impact of wage cuts on morale. — Of course, layoffs don’t exactly help morale, but, as one of the bosses that Bewley interviewed coldly put it, they “get the misery out the door.” Cutting wages keeps the misery around.
  • Zadie Smith: Speaking in Tongues (NYRB) – Voice adaptation is still the original British sin. Monitoring and exposing such citizens is a national pastime, as popular as sex scandals and libel cases. If you lean toward the Atlantic with your high-rising terminals you're a sell-out; if you pronounce borrowed European words in their original style—even if you try something as innocent as parmigiano for "parmesan"—you're a fraud. If you go (metaphorically speaking) down the British class scale, you've gone from Cockney to "mockney," and can expect a public tar and feathering; to go the other way is to perform an unforgivable act of class betrayal. Voices are meant to be unchanging and singular. There's no quicker way to insult an ex-pat Scotsman in London than to tell him he's lost his accent. We feel that our voices are who we are, and that to have more than one, or to use different versions of a voice for different occasions, represents, at best, a Janus-faced duplicity, and at worst, the loss of our very souls.

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